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Mid-week small groups at Christ First
We have smaller gatherings that take place during the week at various times and locations, which we call Explore Groups. This is where we explore life and share the adventure of following Jesus together.

Each year Explore Groups happen in the following three phases, called Campaign, Course and Connect.
A church wide, focused time of growth.

Every Autumn we launch into campaign mode as a church. This means that we spend about 10 weeks focusing on a specific area or topic as a whole church family.

Our sermon series, midweek teaching and daily time with God all reflect the campaign theme.

Opportunity to build community around a specific interest or course.

Each Spring we have a variety of courses taking place. Courses aim to create a space to explore new activities, develop life skills, grow in faith, meet new people and deepen existing friendships.

Course bookings for Winter/Spring 2018 have now closed. If you haven't booked, but would like to attend one please email the church office.



A chance to re-connect with your campaign group and share life together.

Each Summer we return to the groups we campaigned with and re-connect by eating, praying and worshipping together. During the Connect phase groups can focus on topics and activities that are most relevant to them. 

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