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What's happening in the next few weeks?
Saturday 24th February
Kingdom Relationships Conference

A morning about how to build & restore healthy relationships with others.


Time: 10:00am to 12:15pm

Location: Kingsbury Venue, Princes Ave. Kingsbury, NW9 9LJ

We are delighted to have Henk and Eunee Kirsten with us from the Netherlands. Henk is an experienced and gifted teacher, and part of the New Ground leadership team. His morning seminar on 'Kingdom Relationships' will be in two sessions, looking at the lives of Miriam, Aaron and Moses in Numbers 12. Henk will be answering questions such as: “How do we keep our relationships within the church family healthy?”; “How does this repairing/restoring of broken down relationships work in practical every day life?” and “What are some of the vital tools God has given to do this?” 

Saturday 24th February
Xmen Pub Quiz

Location and times details coming soon direct to your inboxes!

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