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Covid 19 update

Last updated 03.04.20

In light of the recent guidelines issued by the UK government, and our belief that we are to honour these for the collective health of our nation and to reduce the burden on the NHS, we have decided to temporarily suspend all physical church services and church related meetings/events until such time as the guidance changes.

Below is summary of key points for how the church operate until restrictions are lifted:


We are gathering online at 11am using Zoom click here to join us.


Midweek groups will begin virtual meetings in the near future. Speak to your explore group leader for more details or contact the church office to join a group.

Pastoral Care:

Can we encourage you once again that should you or anyone you know need any form of support or help, please contact as we have resources and volunteers ready and able to do shopping runs or discuss concerns and worries etc. Let us demonstrate the love of Jesus and be the calming voices and caring hands in our families and communities.

Helpful Links:

Please don't spread rumours or hear say. Follow Official guidance and direct people to legitimate sources only.

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